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We actually walk the talk

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Real Estate Investing

You know that real estate is the best ways to build your wealth. The catch is that most people are only taught the basics (go to school, get a good job, buy a home, try and pay it off to retire) but not the strategies to get the absolute best outcome from it so your lifestyle actually improves over time. It’s our mission to get you there faster with the tools, resources, and confidence needed to build the wealth and passive income you previously only wished for. 

Just starting?

Confused, overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start? So were we when we first started. We created this Resource Guide specifically for you!

If you are looking to buy your first home or investment property, or want to buy more properties, we have done all the heavy lifting for you in this Resource Guide, including: 

  • The best books & podcasts available
  • A cashflow & flip analysis spreadsheet 
  • Top creative investing strategies to use
  • Common investor language
  • And tons of tactical tips for any investor!


“We are on a mission to educate financially 1 million people and inspire them to invest in real estate so they can live a more fulfilled life.”
– The REINVESTORS Mission Statement

Since 2016 we have succeeded in 17 investments, totalling over $7,500,000 in value, and raised over $4,000,000 in investment funds for our real estate projects. None of this would have been possible if we didn’t invest in our own education. Getting educated and then implementing what you learn is the greatest way to fastforward real success. 

Our monthly educational meetups have been going for over 4 years and from this we have helped hundres of people start or grow their portfolios and have raised over $20,000 for KidSport Victoria! #GoBigToGiveBig! 

“Go big to give big” is a core value we have so that we can inspire you to go bigger with your dreams and goals so you can give more to your family, future, and favourite charitable organizations. It’s time for you to GO BIG TO GIVE BIG!

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We’ll pass on 9 good deals to find the 1 great deal. We do this because a good deal in any correction or downturn may not be a good deal anymore, whereas a great deal will still be a good deal during this time! We have never lost on a investment because we stick to this core value and want the best for our partners. Over the past 4 years, we have built a recession-proof portfolio worth over 7 million dollars and have partnered with financial parties, developers, and other active investors on successful real estate projects. 

Meet the founders

Steve Arneson


I am analytical, detailed, and love a new challenge or experience. Life has tough me to be tenacious and calculated. I like meeting new people and connecting with others as I believe that anything is possible with the right team and execution plan. My past career was international business development. 

Randy Molland


I’m the visionary and big opportunity guy. I just love being optimistic and creative towards which direction we can take the company.  I often commit first and figure out the details after, making it a nice compliment to Steve’s analytical approach. I am also a journeyman electrician. 

Never stop learning

Never Stop LEarning


Don’t know how to start? Our solution finder can help

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