Retire Earlier and Have More Freedom by Re-Investing Your Home Equity

A two day masterclass for
home owners and investors.
learn where & how to invest!

Next weekend dates TBD, 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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The Parkside Hotel & Spa
810 Humboldt Street
Victoria, BC V8V 5B1

Maximize Your Returns 
and Invest Today

What would it mean to you and your family If you could have an extra vacation every year, upgrade your vehicle, or even just take a week off work and not stress about it?

Real estate investing does't have to be complicated. You just need to be educated. Let us show you how making a small investment in yourself can help you make extra money each month to do the things you've always wanted to do.

Retire Earlier and Have More Freedom by Re-Investing Your Home Equity

A two day course for home owners and investorS

Sat, 8 February 2020, 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Sun, 9 February 2020, 9:00AM - 5:00 PM

The Parkside Hotel & Spa
810 Humboldt Street
Victoria, BC V8V 5B1

Maximize Your Returns 
and Invest Today

Why is real estate the most powerful tool to create and manage wealth?

Leverage and High returns!

Do you want to have a better retirement with more vacation, more family time, and more fun?

Invest in yourself for this weekend and learn the steps to live a more fulfilled life!

Kickstart your future, today

Are you one of those people who has worked hard your entire life to purchase a home, pay down your mortgage and although you have done well, you know theres a better opportunity for building your retirement! 

Well this 2 day training is meant to teach you how you can start leveraging the hard earned equity you already put into your home and start getting the real education you need to feel confident to invest in real estate. 

You’ve already put in the hard work to get here and it’s time you finally got the opportunity to take advantage of it! Let us show you how to start getting monthly passive income for just getting educated on real estate and creating a retirement that can’t be taken away from you! 

We also believe that having a partner/spouce to work with can be one of the most effective support systems! This is why we are offering you 50% off for a guest! 

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Weekend Workshop Preview

Topics we cover

How to calculate return on investment

How to leverage the equity in your home

How to make your mortgage tax deductable

Where to find the best properties to purchase

How to create a joint venture partnership

How to build a bulletproof team

Your investment includes

16 hours of in-class training

Lunch both days

Coffee, tea and snacks

All the spreadsheets, contracts, and tools needed to purchase multiple income properties

The book "Is Your Morgtage Tax Deductible" by Fraser Smith


Since 2016 these two inspirational action takers have acquired multiple-millions in real estate assets, educated thousands of people, and continue to give back in a big way.

The REINVESTORS was founded by Steve Arneson and Randy Molland when they saw a niche in a market that needed acknowledgement, financial and real estate investing education. After a tragic accident and the loss of Randy’s best friend, Randy decided it was time to start looking at life differently. 

Deciding that he was going to disrupt the status quo of how people looked at everyday life, he found real estate investing was the perfect vehicle to get his message across. The mission quickly became showing others the variety of different ways that real estate can work for anyone. More specifically, ways of utilizing assets such as equity, savings, or other investments to create high-return wealth and immediate cash-flow. 

Their strategies allow people to start living a more fulfilled and purposeful life sooner than they ever imagined. Randy shared his idea with Steve, whose family was already deeply entwined in real estate and owned a place himself, and they jumped in wholeheartedly.

Steve Arneson

The Reinvestors

Steve was born into real estate with many family members being authority figures in their industries. It’s only suiting that he created his own path and will soon be an authority figure in the real estate investing field.

Randy Molland

The Reinvestors

Randy’s motivation comes from a past accident where he lost his best friend on a job site. After that moment, he decided to live a more purposeful life. He is brilliant and a beacon of energy for everyone to thrive off.