Only two things separate successful investors and those that continue to wish they were real estate investors. 1) Any successful investor had a mentor or coach at some point. And 2) That coach helped them take the right action steps!

Taking action had the most impact on how we have been able to grow our portfolios so quickly and with pure quality investments. The reason we took action – our coaches held us accountable!!

Now it’s your turn! If you want to start real estate investing, grow your portfolio, or increase your cash-flow and returns, The REINVESTORS are the best people to talk to. We offer coaching for any investor. Inquire now!

Monthly Meetups

Network = Net Worth!

For nearly 3 years we have been hosting an educational meetup for people who are interested in real estate investing. 

This meetup is ideal for the beginner investor AND the seasoned investors because of the great speakers we bring in, the content we discuss, and community of like-mined people that attend. 

Join us every 3rd Tuesday of the month at Gorge Vale Golf Club. Doors open at 6pm. 

4 Week Program

Continuing your education is key!

Our 4 Week Program consists of 8 live video trainings to teach you the absolute fundementals of real estate investing. 

Then we take it a few steps further and help you understand how to implement specific stratigies and when is it is best to use them. 

We include ROI calculations, Joint Venture partnering, making the best offer, building an all-star team, finding deals, and much, much more!

RE Investing Mentorships

It’s time to get serious!

Specifically designed for your unique financial needs and goals. This in-depth one-on-one program will turn your investing on fire! 

We are completely engaged with you for an entire year! This program is for those that want all the lifestyle benefits of a seasoned investor within a matter of months, ie. Let’s start creating your dream life today!

Help me become a successful investor

Talk to us today about what your goals are and we will customize a coaching program that works best for your schedule, your goals, and your dream lifestyle.