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Why is this our mission statement? It started off with recognizing how little financial education we had. And as we got more knowledgeable in that area we started realizing just how important and impactful it is to know how money works and, more importantly, how to make it work harder for you so that retirement can come quicker and be even better than you imagined.

The rich and wealthy stay rich and wealthy because they have mentors and advisors in their corner who know the best strategies of how to put their money to work. Real estate investing is one of these strategies they use and we think it’s time to spread the word and the wealth!

As we studied the wealthy and got mentored by the rich, we found two underlying reasons for how they created their wealth. It came down to education and taking action that created their financial freedom. You have to be able to implement what you learn or else it’s just information floating around in your head.

Sharing this info and the action steps to success is exactly why we created our online community and our in person meetups and weekend training classes. They say 2 heads are better than 1, so imagine the impact an entire community can have on their families and friends’ futures. This is the Go Big To Give Big Movement!

“Over promise and over deliver.” We always take a conservative initial approach when we do our due diligence on a property. In our performas, we use lower than expected rents, higher than needed contingencies, high interest rates, and low appreciation because all of these factors may change over time and if the property performs well with these conservative numbers then our investors will really be excited when we deliver the real returns.

“We want to financially educate 1 million people and inspire them to invest in real estate so they can live a more fulfilled life.”

Go Big to Give Big

Use #gobigtogivebig on social media and share your goals, dreams, and the work you’re doing to impact others!

Go big to give big is a core value we have that inspires others to go bigger with their dreams and goals so they can give more to their families, futures, and favourite charitable organizations.

Where “go big to give big” come from? We always wanted to contribute donations to organizations like KidSport Victoria (helps local children get involved in sports by funding their sport expenses) but it was hard to donate any impactful amount when we were working a $60,000/year job. All our money went to personal expenses and a little savings. But if we could 10x our income, or create recurring passive income, we could donate more to help more kids as well as have more available free time to spend with our own loved ones. The more people we can help go big the more organizations can be supported and the more fulfilled our communities can become!

Online Community

Want to connect with and learn from other investors on a daily basis? We invite you to join our private Facebook group with daily posts of training, resources, and more with a growing international community!

Mentality over ability

One of the biggest things we have realized is that mindset can be more important than talent or ability. Before we had done 17 deals, raised over $4,000,000 in capital or built a multi-million dollar portfolio, we had nearly ZERO experience. It was our mindset of collaboration, work ethic, and failure not being an option that helped us get our first investor partnerships to start the momentum. And speaking of failure, our mindset isn’t expecting that we will never fail. That’s just ridiculous. Our mindset is that from each failure we will learn what we could have done differently so that we won’t make that mistake in our next opportunity.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to get more uncomfortable, which means more possibility for failure, but it’s also the space where we can grow the most! Our first challenge was figuring out how to find the right type of deal. Then it was asking for a partnership and $40,000. That $40,000 then turned into asking for $150,000, then $250,000, and then $1,000,000. And now we are still challenging ourselves by looking at bigger projects like multi-family apartments and land developments.

Invest in yourself

Our investing “career” started in 2016 with a $18,000 investment (or calculated risk) into an educational real estate investing community called Keyspire that taught us the fundamentals of building an income property portfolio and how to do joint venture partnerships. It was one of the best risks we ever took as it created the path for us to do over a dozen deals and build a portfolio worth over $7,000,000 in just a few years.

Since then, we have invested well over $150,000 into further personal and business development because we have seen the phenomenal benefits and infinite returns that come with education and action!

Partnering is a strategy we LOVE because it’s a way all parties can limit risk exposure and focus on the skills they are best at! And it is proven to be a great way to scale and grow your business or portfolio. For example, in early 2020 we partnered with a developer to buy a 12-lot subdivision. We knew a little about land development but were not experts at it. We partnered with the developer to do the permitting, design, construction and sales of the homes and we brought the capital investment. The developer gets to focus on what they do best. We get to learn more about development from a very experienced professional. And our investors get to capitalize on great returns from an experienced team. It’s a win-win-win for all parties!

This can apply for anyone! A simple example is the standard Joint Venture (JV) on an income property:

One person brings experience, management, and the investment opportunity (the property) and then partners with another who can qualify for the mortgage and bring the financial investment (down payment, closing costs, renovations expense, etc.). It’s a perfect partnership for an active and passive investor!

I’d rather have 50% of something than 100% of nothing -> Could be a blurb out

So you may be asking yourself, doesn’t sharing our strategies create more competition for us? The short answer is Yes. However, first, competition creates innovation, just look at Apple vs. PC or the progress of any car manufacturer or technology company. But most of all, we want to change the world and make it a better place! If the traditional “go to school, get a good job, buy a home, pay down the mortgage for 40 years, and then retire on the equity” strategy didn’t work for our parents or yours, why should we think it will work for us? With the right team, strategy, and execution, real estate investing can give you more than enough passive income and will create generational wealth.

Do you want to pass on a legacy? The question should be, can you (and your family) afford not to?

And after all, success and financial freedom wouldn’t mean anything if you were alone in it and couldn’t share it with others.

Time to level up!

Darren Voros

“There’s nothing like this in Canada”

Darren Voros

Influencer - TV star - Contractor/Investor


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