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“We’ll pass on 9 good deals to find the 1 great one, because if there is ever any kind of downturn a great deal is still a good deal!”
– The REINVESTORS Investment Principal

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Your investment (and our reputation) mean everything to us and it is not something we are ever willing to gamble with.

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We specialize in new construction developments, cashflow positive income properties, and creative ways to add value to increase return on investment.

“Build your reputation, not your bank account.”
– Randy’s father’s advise we live by

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Investment Opportunities

Stirling Condo Development

56-unit condo development (build to sell) in a prime area of Victoria, BC.

$5,500,000 profit, Above average ROI, 2-2.5 year term
Accredited & exempt investors
Investors receive 28% of profits

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Wade J.
Wade J.
Repeat Investor
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“I met Steve and Randy at one of their educational meet ups and could tell by their presence that they were the guys that did their diligence, were hungry, respected, and are smart with their investments. We have since built an incredible relationship and have done multiple investments that continue to exceed my expectations."
Darren Voros
Darren Voros
REDI Developments
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After decades in this business it's hard to be impressed. However, it's easy with The REINVESTORS! I've learned from them and I'm inspired by them.
Tiffany & Corey Young
Tiffany & Corey Young
Investor Life
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"You add value. You give give give. And you're persistent. These guys are going places!"