We’ll pass on 9 good deals to find 1 great deal.
A good deal in a correction or depression may fail, whereas a great deal will still be great! 

We have never lost on a deal because of this method. When it comes to investing in real estate during a boom, the Victoria area has been “booming” since 2016, it is critical not to get caught up in the hype. We are always conservative with our numbers and make sure that we have multiple exit strategies so that we can provide our investors with the security they deserve.

We believe in education, partnerships and abundance. When we started The REINVESTORS back in early 2016 the first thing we did was start a local Victoria Meetup group to educate others and surround ourselves with action-taking investors and top professionals. Some may think that it’s against our best interest to show others how to do the same thing we are doing. But wealth and success is meant to be shared. Imagine the world we could live in if we could show 1 million people how to successfully invest in real estate. Their future generations would live a happier life and be more productive for the world and their own future generations. And afterall, competition, or collaboration in our eyes, produces ingenuity and better results.

We treat our tenants like family. After all, they are our #1 client and without them we would not be in business.

“Over promise and over deliver.” We always take a conservative initial approach when we do our due diligence on a property. In our performas, we use lower than expected rents, higher than needed contingencies, high interest rates, and low appreciation because all of these factors may change over time and if the property performs well with these conservative numbers then our investors will really be excited when we deliver the real returns.

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I met Steve and Randy at one of their educational meet ups and could tell by their presence that they were the guys that did their diligence, were hungry, respected, and are smart with their investments. We have since built an incredible relationship and have done multiple investments that continue to exceed my expectations.

Wade J.


Why BC?
Why Vancouver Island?

Multiple industries supporting growth

Beside the fact that Victoria is the Capital of BC, which brings many government jobs, as of 2019 the technology sector is now our largest industry above tourism, retirement, agriculture, fishing, forestry, migration/immigration, strong employment, and many more. Plus the Prince and Princess live here too!

Migration and immigration have huge influence here too. About 5,000 people move to Victoria each year but we are only building about 1,500 dwellings per year. If the average dwelling has 2.3 people (equalling 3,450 people total), the demand pressure will continue to keep home values trending the way they have been since the late 80s, UPWARD! Since stats real estate stats started being tracked back in the ’70s, Victoria sees an average of 7% appreciation (through the ups and downs included since the 70s) and this is only the start.

Develop crane


All of our portfolio is based off of attaining cashflow for our investors, unless it’s a development deal with higher ROI. We only look for properties that cashflow more than $500 per month and our average cashflow is $800 per property ($400 per door if a duplex)

Great Returns

Lots of older product from the 60s-80s where we can force appreciation with easy value-add renovations. The active appreciation combined with good positive cashflow and equity growth from paying off the mortgage all equal a safe and high-return investment.


Investing the right way

Cash flow should be a must and the majority of our portfolio are cash flowing homes, but the standard buy and hold income property is just the start of our expertise…

Profitable Flips

Joint Ventures


Buy Renovate Rent Refinance

Invest With Us

Integrity. Value. Security.

We are always looking for new partners on upcoming projects and, opportunities are like busses, there’s always another one coming. 

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