Monthly Meetups

Monthly Meetups

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Why attend?

Discover your purpose, unlock keys to boost your business, find off-market deals and partners, connect with hundreds of investors and professionals, and build long lasting relationships, among so much more. 

For over four years we have been hosting a monthly in-person meetup bringing in Victoria’s top real estate professionals and speakers from all across the Country to present to and train our community. The energy is high, the people are awesome, the content is incredibly valuable, and there is a strict NO SELLING policy so guests can feel comfortable attending without feeling any pressure from the speakers or other guests. 

Regardless if you are just starting to feel interested in real estate or if you are looking for your fifteenth property, being a real estate investor isn’t the “norm” and it can feel like you’re alone out there doing it yourself. Not to mention, if you are near the beginning of this journey it can be intimidating at the start without knowing who to contact, what information to trust, or what strategies are most effective for you. Each of these monthly educational meetups is designed to solve these problems by providing a supportive, family-like, network of like-minded people who are out there doing the same thing you are, talking the talk and walking the walk.

The saying of “two heads are better than one” is so relevant here. Imagine being a room of 100 people who all have different areas of expertise, who actually WANT to help you, who can relate to where you are now, and who can support you along the way. When people come together in this way magic happens, especially when we’ve worked with speakers such as Don R Campbell, Rae Ostrander, and Kyle Green.