Stirling Condo Development

Stirling Condo Development

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46-unit condo development (build to sell) in a prime area of Victoria, BC. 20%+ ROI, 2-2.5 year term Accredited investors

A new multi-family development, very similar to our Skyeview project, we are expecting 20%+ annualized ROI, secured by a GP/LP to protect our investors, and in a municipality that is PRO-Development!

Victoria is one of the most stable and profitable markets in all of Canada’s real estate investing world and Victoria’s condo market is BOOMING!

With the widening gap between the unachievable expensive detached homes here in Victoria and the entry prices in condos, history shows us that condos are ripe for an increase in demand and price appreciation!

The REINVESTORS has partnered with TLA DEVELOPMENTS, a very experienced team of developers, to provide the community with modern, spacious, and affordable housing, while projecting an extraordinary return to our investor partners.

These returns are possible because investors are in an equity position, meaning you get to capitalize on the entire profits of the project!

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Stirling Condo Development

Victoria, BC, Canada


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