About Us

“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities.  They vary in their desire to reach their potential.”

— John Maxwell

…it’s only been a couple years and we have accomplished a lot!

The REInvestors host a monthly community meetup to help educate those looking to learn about real estate as an investment. At these meetups the most experienced professionals in each real estate investing field present their expertise and teach you the best ways to successfully create a wealthy lifestyle by investing in cash-flowing real estate.

The REInvestors also specialize in working one-on-one with investors that are looking to grow their portfolio, have a passive investing approach, and achieve greater returns on their investments. They provide a stress-free opportunity for amazing returns without the headaches of being an on-call landlord. With a great deal of education, mentoring, and a few learned lessons, Steve and Randy have found a blueprint for success in markets that are producing cash flow and appreciation. Their creativity has helped multiple investors get involved in opportunities they didn’t think were possible!

How it all began

The REInvestors was founded by Steve Arneson and Randy Molland when they saw a niche in a market that needed help. After losing one of his best friends, Randy decided it was time to start looking at life differently. Deciding that he was going to disrupt the status quo of how people looked at everyday life, he found real estate investing was the perfect vehicle to get his message across. The mission quickly became showing others the variety of different ways that real estate can work for anyone. More specifically, ways of utilizing assets such as equity, savings, or other investments to create high-return wealth and immediate cash-flow. Their strategies allow people to start living a more fulfilled and purposeful life sooner than they ever imagined. Randy shared his idea with Steve, who’s family was already entwined in real estate and owned a place himself, and they jumped in wholeheartedly… and thus, their journey began!

It Starts by Being Professional

The dynamic-duo pride themselves on doing things right so they decided to get educated on the topic from industry elite professionals. They invested thousands of dollars learning how to become real estate investors through programs such as Keyspire, RaeOstrander365, and Thrive Connect Mastermind and are now considered the local professionals by many of their peers and the real estate community. Surrounding themselves with like minded individuals who are always trying to achieve the best has been a blessing and has pushed them to new heights. High quality mentors and programs have really helped them achieve the confidence to grow a company that is helping others change their future. Their goal is to help one million people using real estate investing as their vehicle. And thus, the GO BIG TO GIVE BIG drive was created.

Randy and Steve created a local real estate investing nation where they bring in their experienced professionals and mentors to help build your investment team. It was clear they were on to something as this group grew from 5 people to 150 people within a number of months. Through showing this diligence of wanting to change lives on a bigger scale they were asked to co-produce the annual Victoria Real Estate Investment Expo where many of their qualified team will be speaking and educating others on how to become the best real estate investor possible. Experts such as Rae Ostrander, Russell Westcott, David Puotinen, Cheri Crause and Kyle Green have come to speak with their group and will be presenting at the 2018 Expo.

Go Big To Give Big

The process of self development has become a major part of Randy and Steve’s lives. They pride themselves on getting high returns but also on helping you get in the right mindset to go along with it. At the beginning of their career they were told by a mentor, “If you want to make a million dollars, help a million people first”. This lead to their “Go Big To Give Big” movement. Go Big To Give Big is a mission to inspire one million people to go bigger in life and unlock their full potential so that they can create abundance in as many ways as possible to allow them to give back on a larger scale! The REInvestors are leading this action by hosting a variety of events where proceeds are giving to charities, plus they donate their time helping others achieve financial freedom!

If you are interested in creating a For-Purpose business, these guys have a community around them to help you network, grow your idea, and increase market share so you too can start Going Big To Give Big!

Three Things

that make us who we are


Played high level soccer and was involved in the sport for 13+ years

Has his own Electrical contracting company and Red Seal Journeyman Ticket

Refuses to live anywhere where a beach is more than an hour away


Travelled to 28 countries, including Brazil, Italy, Nepal, Australia, and has a goal to stand on every continent

Likes anything to do with adrenaline activities and sports

Will try anything once, including hot peppers — that was not fun…