Finding the Why

Finding the Why

How finding your “WHY” is the key to getting you motivated!

Have you ever had this sudden urge to go do something life changing, only to feel unmotivated and dreading the amount of time it will take the next day. Surprise, your not alone. Almost every person I’ve met can tell a story about how they had this big business idea, was going to be the next arnold schwarzenegger or was going to go on this incredible vacation followed by the classic line “but then…*insert excuse*”. This is a common practice for individuals who aren’t disciplined enough in creating a reason to complete such goals. Theres a big difference between writing down your goal and finding a reason to achieve your goal. I am going to lay out 3 simple steps to help you understand the difference between the two.

Lets start with an example of a simple goal you hear quite often “I want to be financially free”. Now if I were to say that to my friends and family I would get the typical “You got this” “thats easy, I bet you can do that sooner than expected” or “Awesome goal, I believe you can do it”. Having that support is an incredible feeling, but its also the most cliche response that doesnt help anybody get motivated. Are you going to come to my house at 5am and roll me out of bed and make sure I read books and start building my brand? Or are you going to check in with me in a few weeks while I lie and say I dont understand why Im not getting ahead, yet I only got up early most days and worked 2 evenings this week! Well heres where we jump into step 1; Ask yourself “why”.

Do you REALLY want to be financially free? If the answer is yes, then the next question you ask yourself should simply be “Why do I want to have that”. Then ask yourself why again, and again, and again until you really find the purpose behind the goal you set. This isent rocket science. I recently did a coaching session with an incredibly motivated individual. He knew he didnt want to work anymore and wanted to be successful but didnt have the right motivation or thinking in place. Heres how the conversation went:

Me: What is the most important goal you want to accomplish?
Client: I want to be financially free
Me: That’s a great goal, but why do you want it?
Client: I just don’t want to work anymore.
Me: I couldn’t agree more, nobody wants to work these days, so why don’t you want to work?
Client: I want to be able to spend more time with my family.
Me: Now were starting to make some headway. Answer me this, why do you want to spend all that time with your family? and think deep here.
Client: Well I don’t want to be in the position my dad was in where he couldn’t take a day off work because he wouldn’t be able to pay the bills and I never really got to spend time with him and I don’t want my family to have to go through that.
Me: Lets do this one more time. Why do you want to do all this? Why do you want to get that freedom?
Client (starting to tear up): I just want to get back time with my old man and take him on a motorbike ride down the coast and help support him in retiring sooner so that he can spend time with his grandkids and I can focus on being around my family and not leave them to go work!

It took a few minutes but eventually we broke down what was a goal of “I want to be financially free because I don’t want to work” all the way down to tearing up wanting to rebuild a relationship with his dad and not replicate that life with his own family. I only asked one simple questions multiple times… ”why?”

Now that we have discovered a purpose for completing the goal, its time to put it into perspective. The next question is pretty simple as well. What is the repercussion of not following through with your goal. Lets use this same client as an example. After having put him into a fragile state I continued to hammer his brain into thinking deeper. I would simply ask “If you spent the time and effort you use to watch tv, play on facebook, and lounge in your underwear towards getting that financial freedom wouldnt you maybe get their a little sooner than you expected?”. Within minutes my client saw the light at the end of the tunnel and started getting excited about what he could do if he could free up not only his time, but his fathers time. He changed his attitude again from a simple “I want it” to “If I dont give 100% effort, I might not get it done soon enough”. Suddenly the mission wasnt about him anymore, it was about not letting his family down. We now officially completed phase two of finding a purpose and rolled it right into the third and final stage which is all about finding people who will make you accountable.

“You are an average of the 5 people you hang out with the most” is one of the most prestige quotes to date. I live and swear by surrounding myself around people who want to achieve similar things as I am. When I tell the people around me that I want to be financially free, I dont get told “oh awesome goal buddy!”, I get asked “Thats awesome, what steps are you taking to get there and how long do you think it will take?” or “I love that goal, whats driving you to accomplish that?”. Both responses are very positive and supportive, but only one of those  are going to propel you to take the next step. If you don’t put yourself around people who understand this principle, then you might as well erase this article from your memory (lets hope you choose the latter of the two). It may be the hardest part of all 3 steps, but making a shift in who you spend your time with is the most crucial step you have to make.

Now that you have the three simple steps you can go out there and put yourself to the test. Whether your goal is losing weight, building a business, or finding financial freedom it is easier to complete the task once you find out what is your driving purpose. And I guarantee any successful person you run into when asked what their goal is, wont just say “I want to be financially free”, it will be a 15 minute conversation on exactly how and why they want to achieve it. Remember to follow the three steps; Ask yourself why, who does it affect if you dont follow through, and who can you surround yourself with that will push you to remind yourself about these goals.